The Jaipur Cyber Dens

This list is for the hard core gaming fans among the teens or the young adults of Jaipur.Do you want to play COUNTERSTRIKE?  All night?  It is possible at the Zapak. Do you want to hire a MINI cinema hall for the two of you or the family and the  friends? It is very much possible at the MGF Mall on the 22 Godown Circle.Bumping Cars? Nintendo? Wii? They are all here. Why not try them out this weekend.

Zapak Gameplex,Basement, Gaurav Towers,Malviya Nagar

Specialty: LAN Party to play COUNTER STRIKE every Saturday or on request all night long, High Speed Internet,Snacks,Soft Drinks,Net Surfing.

Viking Gaming Area in the Triton Mall,Ambabari.

Specialty: Bumping Cars,Bowling Alley, Video Games,Fast Food Joint

Purple, Gaming Area,MGF Mall,22 Godown Circle

Specialty: Playstations,video games,Nintendo, Wii, Mini Movie  Theatres (seating 20 Persons/friends),Fast Food

GCA Haunted Zone,near Riddhi Siddhi,Mansarovar

Specialty: Latest Hardware,around 25 PCs ,Cool interiors,The place for gaming tournaments in North  Zone.Open 24 X 7

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