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Call 108 Emergency

For more than 3 months now 108 very well equiped ambulances have been serving the state round the clock.It is only because of their quick response to an emergency call and well trained staff and modern equipment that they have been able to save more than 251 lives. 95% of the funds for the operation of the 108 service have been provided by the National Rural Health Mission (NHRM).

108 can be dialed from any phone without dialing the station  code.This service is fully free of cost and is providing its services to 1.3 crore people.

The authorities also propose to ply seven ambulances on the National Highway Nos. 8,11,12 & 14 very soon.

Medical,Police,Fire Control Room                108

Police 100          Fire 101              Ambulance 102

Airport   2723655

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand   5116031/ 2204445

Railways   By Mobile.01412204531   131/135

Jet air   2551354

Air Deccan 5127444

Go Air   6500801

Indian  2721333

Indigo   5119993

Kingfisher   2723485

Spice Jet   5119882

Dr.Archana Sogani Member IAMAT 09829053713

(International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers)

SMS Hospital 2560291

SDM Hospital   2566251

SDMH Pharmacy (Vardhman)   2571301

Govt.Vet.Poly Clinic   2373237

Dr.S.Chawla   (Vet)  9314656123

Tourist Information Center  1363

RTDC Pink-City-By-The-Night  2375466

Domino’s   2378526

Pizza Hut   4008628

Subway   2378191

The Verma’s 09414041624 , 2621157
Hair Academy & Beauty Sasloon
313 A,Gali no.6,Raja Park

Karan’s Guesthouse,C-Scheme 9828284433

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PRASANNAM Diabetic Foot Clinic,Jaipur

Going to a doctor’s clinic is an act of hope.Going to PRASANNAM Diabetic
Foot Clinic
is more so because the name it self is spelt by the initials of
next generation of Dr.Archana Sogani’s & her siblings’ young children’s
given names.Besides the clinic governs it self by this quote of Dr. A.Bal
“A deformed foot with proper footwear is better than the most sophisticated

Here are some tips for prevention of diabetic foot ulcers.

Have your blood sugar level,blood pressure & cholesterol checked regularly.
Do not self medicate.
Eat your meals regularly.They should have a healthy mix of fruit and
vegetables which are low calorie and hi-fiber.
Give up smoking.
Get your feet eyes and kidneys checked once a year.
Meet your dentist twice a year.
Wash and check your feet every day.Keep the skin soft.If you use gentle
skin lotion do not apply between the toes.
Do not walk bare foot in the grass or any where else.
Always wear form fitting cotton and woolen socks with loose elastic bands
and sturdy and comfortable shoes in consultation with your doctor.
Do not leave sharp edges when you cut your nails.
Do not cut corns or use corn plaster.They may wound the skin.
Wear shoes when you walk on a warm or hot surface.
Do not use Hot water bottle or cold compress ,heating pad or electric
blanket.Your skin may burn.
If your feet feel cold at night wear socks.
When you sit in a chair keep your feet up.Twice or thrice a day rotate your
toes and flex your ankle.
Do not sit cross legged for any length of time.
Walking,dancing and cycling are good exercise.But do not jump or run.

PRASANNAM Diabetic Foot Clinic is the first of its kind in Rajasthan.It has been estlabished by Dr.Archana Sogani.MS Gen. Surgery (1991 )MBBS (1987) from SMS Medical College,Jaipur.She is also a life member of Diabetic Foot Society of India and has been working on diabetic foot lesions since 1996.She is actively involved in conducting patient education programmes and continuous medical education on diabetic foot care.

Dr Archana Sogani is also a member of IAMAT (International Association for Medical Assistance To Travelers).

PRASANNAM Diabetic Foot Clinic,

298A,Gurunanak Marg,Officers Campus,

Sirsi Road,Jaipur 302012