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Why Burn Dry Leaves?

The trees are already shedding their leaves and it is getting warmer in Jaipur. Every morning the streets and home courtyards are littered with fallen leaves. People gather them up and throw them  in the nearby dumpster, thinking their duty is done. What happens next is the dumpster overflows and there are  heaps  of  dry leaves all around the dumpster. And some kind soul  comes along and sets fire to the piles creating a huge bonfire which burns with huge bursts of flames and later on smokes for hours making breathing difficult for hours in the surrounding area. The dumpster, a valuable public property, is in the middle of this conflagration  and becomes useless after a few of such episodes. Furthermore there are strong winds in summers and the ash left behind is blown away further polluting the atmosphere.

The point is we have to change this mind set of burning trash. It surely is the easiest and the cheapest  way out in the short run. And the trash might belong to you and you might think  you are the best judge of disposing it off.  We have to relegate the idea of burning trash to the dust bins of history.

We dispose off all sorts of things in trash. More often than not now a days even chemicals are thrown away like this. What if we burn some chemical like this and cause a health hazard.

There are some waste water purification plants in the pipeline in Jaipur for providing water to the  gardens of Jaipur. There is one in operation at the Man Sagar Lake already but in my humble opinion we also need a plant which will process these leaves and other bio-degradable wastes because disposing off trash by burning has to go. As this option is expensive our Rajasthan Government will have to help in implementing it. But if you are a do it your self enthusiast and have some space in your garden you can compost the leaves and use it as organic  manure in your garden.

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Deepawali Chali Gai

Sunset at the Central Park Jaipur-2

Last Of The Amaltas Blossoms

Some Strings Of Lights

A Star

A bouquet of lights, originally uploaded by ratnasinghrathore.

The festival of lights, after spreading a lot of cheer, is gone till next year and Jaipur is ready to welcome Winter.

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Ground Water Level in Jaipur

Monsoon has finally arrived in Jaipur and concerned citizens and concerned Rajasthan Government are pursuing the Green Rajasthan Project of planting saplings in all major cities of Rajasthan on war footing to ensure that there is a cover of green to invite the rains and to give shade in the scorching months of Rajasthani summers.

One problem comes to mind though, falling water table.You have to drill 250 feet to get water in some area of Jaipur.One wonders when the trees will start dying because  the water table has fallen out of reach of the roots of trees.It is not an idle or irresponsible thought.In some areas of surrounding Jaipur thriving Mango Orchards have died because the water fell below reach of the root systems of the mango trees.

It is time to make a hard decision trees or grass & plants.Orchards or gardens.How long can you go on wasting good potable water on gardens. There are some 670 parks in Jaipur. Imagine the consumption of fresh water.

Besides saving the ground water by limiting its use it  will also have to be recharged with the rain water by harvesting the same. JNU in Delhi has solved its water problems successfully by rain water harvesting and other initiatives.

It is a given, that in India nothing goes to waste.Even the rain water which flows away.But it is needed more in the ground so that the trees can live.

All In Praise Of Trees

Amaltas-Cassia fistula in full bloom in Jaipur

Amaltas-Cassia fistula in full bloom in Jaipur

It is May and it is hot.All life is wilting in the heat.Except for the trees- they are lush green. And Amaltas and Gulmohar are blooming with abandon. In this day and age if you still want a reason to plant a tree you should  take a drive in Jaipur  in the afternoon. You will remember the yellow and the greens and the orange for a long time.You will notice bougainvillea is not shy in displaying its charms either.

You are all inspired to plant a sapling- but where in this concerte jungle.The best place would be to plant a sapling right outside your home- next to the road.Right under your eyes. You will be able water it and watch its growth on a day to day basis.If there is no possiblility of planting a tree outside your home then you can plant one in the colony garden. Remember the trees are not only for you but  for the future  generations yet  to come.They will also provide shade, invite rains and produce Oxygen.The plants should  be sown during the rainy season.The choice of sapling is up to you.You should  choose a variety which require less water and looks after it self in this arid climate of Rajasthan.Trees  like Ashok-Polyalthia longifolia, Khejari, Babool,  Neem-Azadirachta indica,Amaltas-Cassia fistula,  Gulmohar-Delonix regia etc.