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Bal Vipra Bankura Hanuman Ji Mandir,Baleta

Bal Vipra Bankura Hanuman Mandir, Baleta

Bal Vipra Bankura Hanuman Mandir, Baleta

On the banks of the pond of village Baleta on a sandy knoll,this ancient temple of Hanuman ji is situated.The idol is only about one and a half foot high.It depicts Hanuman ji in his child image in the guise of a brahmin.He is standing with folded hands.
According to folk lore this Temple of Hanuman ji dates back to the time of foundation of the town of Baleta.The people decided on the child image of Hanuman Ji as he would be quick to please.

Every week on Mondays and Saturdays special pooja is done.People offer the deity paan, cloves and raisins as prasad.

This temple is 33 kms from Alwar.

If you are going from Jaipur, you will have to go till Shahpura on Jaipur-Delhi Highway from there you turn for Thana Gazi-Sariska-Alwar. About 20Km before Alwar you have to turn right for Baleta village. The route is thru villages and it is time consuming. So set aside a full day for the trip.

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Mehndipur Balaji

The Balaji Temple

103 Kms. from Jaipur near  Bandikuin (the nearest train station 27 kms-1 hrs by bus ) is Mendipur Balaji.Situated in a valley it is said to be 1000 yrs old-though the temple it self is only about 100 yrs old. Hanuman ji, in   his child image,with Pretraj and Bhairavnath  are worshiped.The idols are part of the mountain. Every tuesdays & saturdays devotees gather in great numbers to worship the deities so that by Balaji’s blessings mentally ill can regain their sanity and the possessed are free again .Three other main days are at Holi,Dushera & Hanuman Jayanti.

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About 80km from jaipur off Jaipur Agra Highway  are the ruins of Bhangarh.The town was  established in 1631 by Madho Singh ji younger brother of Raja Man Singh I who was a general of Emperor Akbar.Some people say that the towns blue prints were used to design Jaipur.

There is Someshwar Temple & Temple of Gopinath Ji.At the entrance of Bhangarh  is a  Temple of Hanuman Ji.The idol is about six feet tall.Every saturday and tuesday a large number of devotees throng the temple to offer their prayers.

According to folk lore the ruins are haunted by  a tantrik’s curse.

The tantrik fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh and cast a spell on a bowl of oil she was to use.The princess sensed the spell and cast one of her own which mortally wounds the tantrik who curses the city before dying.

And the curse comes true when the city fights with Ajabgarh.Nobody survives.The city turns into ruins overnight.Even today nobody stays in the ruins after sunset.Even Archaeologiacl Survey of India’s  office is situated 1 km away.If the locals build a house in the ruined city the roof of the house collapses.Only some temples and a water tank were spared.The ruins have been claimed by the monkeys and the bunyan trees.

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