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All In Praise Of Trees

Amaltas-Cassia fistula in full bloom in Jaipur

Amaltas-Cassia fistula in full bloom in Jaipur

It is May and it is hot.All life is wilting in the heat.Except for the trees- they are lush green. And Amaltas and Gulmohar are blooming with abandon. In this day and age if you still want a reason to plant a tree you should  take a drive in Jaipur  in the afternoon. You will remember the yellow and the greens and the orange for a long time.You will notice bougainvillea is not shy in displaying its charms either.

You are all inspired to plant a sapling- but where in this concerte jungle.The best place would be to plant a sapling right outside your home- next to the road.Right under your eyes. You will be able water it and watch its growth on a day to day basis.If there is no possiblility of planting a tree outside your home then you can plant one in the colony garden. Remember the trees are not only for you but  for the future  generations yet  to come.They will also provide shade, invite rains and produce Oxygen.The plants should  be sown during the rainy season.The choice of sapling is up to you.You should  choose a variety which require less water and looks after it self in this arid climate of Rajasthan.Trees  like Ashok-Polyalthia longifolia, Khejari, Babool,  Neem-Azadirachta indica,Amaltas-Cassia fistula,  Gulmohar-Delonix regia etc.

It Is A Dog’s Holiday

In theses days of nuclear families and rushed life of metros and jobs which will take you any where in India you do not have the extended family to support each other in an emergency or when you want to go on holidays.So you have to take your pet with you on a holiday too.But if you can manage it leave your pet with friends or family or a pet sitting agency.It is a good idea.Just imagine the pleasure both of you will get when you go to pick up the pet after the holiday.

Dogs come in all sizes.The bigger they are the more difficult they will be to manage in strange places and among strangers.They are just one more child of whom you have to be doubly careful.Given it is not a chore it is a pleasure to look after the gentleman who just happens to be a dog.You will never even realize when your holiday will be hijacked by your pet.All decisions will revolve around the fact whether the establishment is dog friendly or not.One disgruntled owners refusal to entertain your pet can put a cloud over the whole holiday.

Dogs do get injured on holidays.You will always have to have him on a leash.When you take him to the hotel-you will definitely want him in your room-you will have to ensure that his paws and mouth are clean,you will have to take him out twice a day, maybe even clean up after him.What if he takes a dislike to a guest or one of the staff.He can be vociferously loud in showing his displeasure.

Bring your friend on a holiday with you only as a last resort.Ensure that he has had all his shots at the Vet’s. If you have a car and a driver-it will make your life simpler on the holiday with a pet.

Morning Walk

Karan’s Guest House

Karan's GuesthouseKaran’s Guest house,

D-76,Shiv Heera Path,Chomu House,C-scheme,Jaipur,302001,

Rajasthan ,India e.mail.  kgh@aol.in

M.91-9828284433 T.91-141-2363262 F.91-141-2372919

web. www.karans.info blog. www.karansguesthouse.wordpress.com


Karan’s Guesthouse is a clean and comfortable guesthouse, centrally located in a Posh Colony of Jaipur just 2 kilometres from the main railway station,bus stand,Walled City,11km from the Jaipur Airport 1 km. from Major Conference Venue,Government Offices and The Statue Circle.The guesthouse has seven Spacious double bedrooms and one single bedroom, each room has a western style private bathroom. All rooms have a satellite colour TV, small fridge, cupboard, desk, chair, lamp, sofa, air-conditioning and a heater. Two rooms have private balconies.There is a guest dining/sitting room with colour satellite TV and a well equipped kitchen for breakfast. However for those guests that wish to eat out there are many shops and popular restaurants nearby offering good quality food at reasonable prices.There is a telephone, fax machine available for all guests. You are invited to enjoy the homely atmosphere at Karan’s Guesthouse.










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