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G.I. For Sanganeri Hand Block Prints

The Print

Under Geographical Indication of  Goods Registration and Protection Act.1999  Sanganeri  hand block Textiles and Furnishings have been recognized to have  a unique identity in manufacturing and in belonging  to the area of Sanganer.Consequently sale of  hand block or screen printed product from any other area as Sanganeri will be punishable under the law, thereby giving a new lease of life to the trade and  some 1500 artisans and about 5000 families indirectly or directly  dependent on block printing. As you can guess the ancient craft has been seeing lean times because of cheap products made by newer technology and cloth from other areas being sold as Sanganeri.

Other Rajasthani products to have received G.I are Kota DoriaJaipur Blue Pottery, Jaipur Kathputli and Molela terracotta of Rajsamandh. If all goes as it should  Bagru Hand Block Print should receive G.I soon.
I think Jaipuri Razai is another good candidate for G.I.

Sanganeri hand block printing is a craft honed over some 500 years around the town of Sanganer near Jaipur. Legend has it that the local water in which the textiles are washed give a unique texture to the colors of the finished  cloth. Whatever the case may be  once besotted with the print it is a life long affair.

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