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Some Important Libraries Of Jaipur

In this day and age of  Internet and Google’s program of scaning each and every book ever written,  to make a list of Libraries would sound archaic but everything has its use and its day. It is not possible for a man to know every single bit of information but he should know , when the need arises ,where to find the information or the book.So here goes.These are some of the important libraries of Jaipur.

Note:-These libraries lend books subject to their Rules & Regulations only.

Rajasthan University’s Central Library

Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg,

This library is housed in its own building and has a huge collection of reference material.Largely used by the University students and the college going students of University colleges.

Law College Library

Law College

Government Maharaja Public Library

Chura Rasta,Jaipur Phone. 0141-2575155

e.mail . directorlibraries @ yahoo.co.in                                            

As the name suggests this library is open to the general public.They have a treasure trove of rare books which they are in the process of digitizing to be put up on the net.

St.Xavier School’s  Library

Bhagwan Das Road

This library is open to the past and present students of the School.

Osho Library,

H-1,Vinay Path,Kanti Nagar .  phone 0141 2207951

For all literature, tapes,CDs of Osho’s teachings,This is the place.

Shubham Reader’s Paradise,

Very Near The Shiv Mandir,In Dhuleswar Garden,C-Scheme

Run by the Ladies Club this library is open to the general public.Their forte is novels and books for children.

Radha Krishna Central Library

Ghandhi Nagar

This library is also open to the public but a lot of students throng the reading rooms.

Braille Library,

Gangori Bazar,

Gita  Press,

Bullion Building,Johri Bazar

They deal in new books on Hindu religion.

Braille Library Of Jaipur

This is the only library of its kind in gangori bazaar,in the walled city of Jaipur .It has about 3000 books and 1500 cassettes.Some of the titles are Harry Potter, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Prem Chand, Chandrakanta and text books for classes Ist to VIII th. But the books are all in braille so that a visually challenged person can read by touch.

The library was founded in 1998 by Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh .It was developed in association with Group Against Blindness,the Netherlands and the Lions Club, Jaipur.They also publish the only braille news paper of the state. The Sangh also publishes text books for blind schools of Rajasthan – for classes Ist to XII th- in braille. Magazines and novels for the library are procured from All India Confederation for the Blinds.

The Braille system was devised by Louis Braille in 1821 by simplifying Charles Barbier night writing.( A code developed on Napoleons orders to enable soldiers to communicate silently in dark )

Wiki on Braille