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Pachar-The Desert Citadel

85 km from Jaipur,in the Shekhawati region lies the village Pachar.The name of the village itself means ‘The Desert Citadel’.On one side of the village is the Ganpat Jheel.On the other side are sand dunes and  the rest two sides are bound by greenery.There is a Jain Temple worth a visit in the village itself.The temple is lavishly decorated with intricate gold leaf and mirror work and stained glass windows and chandeliers. Near Pachar in the hills there is an ancient Sri Jeen Mata Temple. About 70 km from Pachar,in the Aravalis about 3000 feet above sea level are the ancient Harsh temples. Khatu Shyam Ji temple is near by also.

Castle Pachar Official Web Site

Sri Khatu Shyam Ji

Karan’s Guesthouse,Jaipur

Air Planes For All ?

In a guest post The Microlight Flyer informs us about the very bright prospects of the Jaipur public being able to own and fly their own ultralight crafts for recreation or use in their business in the very near future .

Autogyro, a 2 seat, rotary wing, multi-utility, light sport aircraft, popular in the U. S., Europe, South Africa and Australia is now all set to be introduced in Indian aircraft market also. Though it resembles a helicopter in having a rotor at the top but in fact it is an aircraft in which the fixed wing is repalced by a rotating wing. Historically speaking, Autogyro even predates the helicopter, as it was invented by Juan de Cierva, a spanish civil engineer in the year 1920.

The Autogyro and the Microlights shall be priced in the range of 35 to 45 lacs depending upon the price and performance of the aircraft.

The company also plans to open up a flying school on the Microlight Airfield so that training for Pilot License (Microlight) can be imparted to the would be purchasers of the microlights. This training school shall be the first of its kind in Asia for imparting training on Autogyros.

The Company plans to display the Super Genie Autogyro and Phantom-MKI, a high performance Microlight at the Hyderabad Air show to be held in October 2008 where demonstration flights would be undertaken in full view of the public.

Vibhooti Singh Deora, CEO of the Company says that their first microlight should roll out within three months of the completion of certification process by the DGCA, and probably that shall happen by the beginning of May 2009. According to the Company, marketing for these aircrafts shall not be problem because the prices are almost equivalent to most of the luxury sedans available in India with fuel average even better than those. Therefore looking at the economics of the aircrafts the Indian market is all set to accept them. More than 100 registrations for these microlights have already been done most of which are from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Lucknow, Nagpur, Chennai, Shirdi and Rajasthan. According to Deora, many people have approached them and inquiries have been pouring in, the response is positive not only due to the low price of aircraft but also because in this way luxury car owners would now be able to fulfill their dream of becoming aircraft owners.

Though the concept is quite new to India but there is a possibility that Autogyros could get a better response in comparison to the microlights. One of the most distinguishing feature of the Super Genie Autogyro is that it is an inherently stable, safe and crash-less aircraft, i.e. even in case of a mid-air engine failure, it would land easily and safely with the help of its auto-rotating main rotor.

The other feature which distinguishes Super Genie from other aircraft is that it can fly as slow as 30 kilometers per hour, a speed at which other aircraft would lose lift, stall and fall to the ground like stones. Though the Super Genie can fly stably and continuously even at a height of just 6 inches above the ground, it can even go upto the height of 10,000 feet.

The Super Genie is 4 meters long, weighs 248 Kg., has a single 100 hp 4-stroke engine in pusher propeller configuration at the back, providing it the thrust required to move in the forward direction. The single non-powered free rotating rotor on the top acts like a rotating wing and provides continuous lift to the Autogyro. Super Genie does not need a runway but just 5 to 10 meters of hard surface or grass for take-off. According to the Company, their Autogyro consumes approximately 13 to 16 liters of MOGAS per hour (not 100LL AVGAS) and with just 60 liters, it can fly 600 kilometers non-stop at a cruising speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

Presently Autogyros are being used in Europe, the U. S., South Africa and Australia for pipeline and canal inspections, forest and highway patrolling, border surveillance, agriculture crop spraying, aerial survey and photography, sports and recreation.



There is a huge Temple of Hanuman Ji in the Salasar Village,in the Churu District of Rajasthan.Sri Mohandas Ji established the temple in vikram Samvat 1811.Legend has it that the idol of Balaji was found in the village Asota,in Ladnu Thesil on a farmers tilling field.In a dream Hanuman ji ordered the village Thakur to deliver the idol to Sri Mohandasji in Salasar.When he received the Idol he had it established in a small temple near a tree.That small shrine has become todays huge temple by Balaji’s grace and his devotees help.

There is a well in the temple whose waters are said to be of great curative value.

Temple of Anjani Mata mother of Hanuman ji or Balaji is 2km from Salasar Ji towards Laxmangarh. Gudavadi Shyam Temple is I km from Salasar Ji.

Shyanan Mata Mandir,an 1100 year old temple, is 15 km away on a hillock.

Two Bullock Carts from the Time of Sri Mohandas ji are placed in the temple complex.

Twice  every year in the month of Chaitra and Ashwin on Poornmasi day devotees gather in huge numbers to offer prayers in praise of Salasar Balaji.

Salasar Village is On Jaipur-Bikaner Highway 57km From Sikar,24km from SujanGarh ( nearest Railway Station),and 30km from Lakshmangarh.Jaipur is The nearest Airport and by Taxi or Bus is 3.5 hours ( 180Km)away.

Salasar Balaji- National Informatics Site


When Barbareek was on his way to the Great War in the Mahabharta,he had decided that he would fight on the loosing side.By the blessings of Lord Shiv and Agni God Barbreek had three arrows & a bow which made him invincible. Sri Krishna knowing his intent met him in the way in the guise of a brahmin and asked him for his head in donation.Barbareek sacrificed his head there and then.Pleased Lord krishna pronounced that Barbareek would be worshiped as Shyam down the ages.According to lore the head was buried in a grazing field in Khatank present Khatu.It is said that a cow would shower the place where the head was buried with milk every day.Owner of the cow dug up the spot to find the head.He took it to the village and gave it to a brahmin who started worshiping it.The Raja after seeing the head in a dream had the present Temple built to worship the head.Barbreek was the son of Ghatotakach and Kamkantaka.Shri Khatu Shyam Ji is A Lord Krishna Temple.

About 80km from Jaipur(Nearest Airport) 45Km from Sikar & 18 km from Reengus(nearest Station).People coming from Delhi by train should board at Sarai Rohila Station.