In 1977, Dhamma Thali,The Jaipur Vipassana Centre ,was established in a hall. It was located near the Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh on the way to Galtaji.Today it has a hundred halls and is situated on a parcel of land measuring about six and a half hectares.

Vipassana meditation was discovered 2500 years ago by Bhagwan Budhha.For years it was practiced all over India.But it disappeared over the years.There is mention of this technique of meditation in the vedas .In Burma, todays Myanmar, Vipassana was taught in its pure form by the guru shisya method of teaching.Shriman Satya Narayan Goenka was taught the technique for 14 years in Mayanmar by Acahary U Ba Khin before he came to India to teach Vipassana in 1969.

Today there are about 40 centres in India and some 40 more abroad where Vipassana is being taught.All activities of the centres are managed purely by donations .

On 29th August 2000, Shriman S.N.Goenka addressed the Millennium World Peace Summit in the UN General Assembly Hall. Vipassana is a way of life taught by Bhagwan Buddha.It is not a religion.Silence of body soul and mind plays a big role in its practice. Looking to the fast paced life of today the centre teaches 10 day cources to beginners.People from all walks of life from all parts of world come here to be taught the Vipassana way of meditation.

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