Thikana Govind Dev Ji

Govind Dev Ji’s Temple is situated in the City Palace Complex itself. Legend has it that Lord Krishna came in  Sawi Jai Singh Ji’s dream and asked to have His idol installed there.The Kachawa rulers of Jaipur have always maintained that the real ruler of Jaipur is Govind Dev ji and they  just Diwans. So the Lord Krishna got his wish.

The idol of Govind Dev Ji was originally installed in Vrindaban by Maharaja Man Singh Ji but was taken in hiding due to a threat from Aurangzeb’s armies. 45 years later,in 1714, Sawai Jai Singh Ji installed the idol in Kanak Vridaban and later on in the present day City Palace.

Open to general public the temple is thronged from early morning every day. People come from all over for a darshan regularly.All hindu festivals are celebrated with great zeal  at the temple.That is why the temple administration saw a need for a covered area where 5000 people could sit for satsang at a time.

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The Govind Dev ji Trust commissioned the State Road Development Corporation with the responsibility of building the new satsang bhawan. The corporation in turn commissioned Jaipur’s noted structural engineer Deepak Sogani to do the needful.Mr Sogani used the latest technology of post tensioning (PT) to cast a single span roof  of 118 feet length and 124 feet width.This architectural feat has been  included in the Guinness Book of Records. One more wonder to visit in Jaipur on your next visit don’t you think?

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