A Traveler’s Resource Known As The Travelgrove.com

The following is my review for the website http://www.travelgrove.com ,a search engine for travel related services.Click away and check it out.They are offering A chance to win  An 8 GB iPOD Nano if you register for their travel community for free and upload content.

Travelgrove.com is a website where you can search and compare numerous vendors  for any travel related service you might be looking for.They provide search  engines for Flights, Hotels,Cars,Cruise,Hot Deals , destination guides and a  forum of like minded travelers .
The web site is available in English ,French,Spanish,Italian and German.

www.metafares.com and www.faredetective.com are also
managed by the people behind the http://www.travelgrove.com website.
http://www.travelgrove.com has been been reviewed by Editors of Five Star Reviews  Magazine but the link does not seem to work.
Copy Right licence is not current. ( ©2004-2008 )( It is just a clue people will look for  to see  if the is maintained currently or not.)
The websites official Blog is @ http://travelgrove.com/blog/ .
It is simple enough to use the site.You have to submit the information of  the service you are searching for once only.In my opinion they should tie up  with some more Website vendors so that the database of hotels etc increases  manifold.Some Indian websites are  booking Bus tickets thru their Portals.In my opinion they should look into searching for Bus ticket booking also thru their  portal.The more services they offer their clients the more useful they will  be and the customers will return more often.Travel guides offer useful
information to the first time visitor to the City.Travel Themes is an
interesting concept.An Indian website is offering Tours and stay in the  Cities/Palace hotels where the ever popular Indian Bollywood potboilers have  been shot.These Bollywood theme tours will add an interesting dimension to  the Portal.They should look into the possibility of partnering with some  important local websites also.The website should look to replace Lonely Planet Books and not give a link to the LP website.

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