Horn Please!


This time around when you are following a vehicle which urges you to do just that on its bumper-do not press the horn button.Just follow him at his speed.There is no where to go.Have you noticed there is traffic all around you.You can not escape it.You can not beat it to your home/office.Go with the flow.I can make a bet with you now if you do that you will not be frustrated or full of rage waiting to explode at the most slightest trigger.In jaipur of today on a week day you can not safely drive fast to your destination.It can not be done.If you do try it you will make a lot of noise by accelarateing your vehicle’s engine and honking the horn and overtaking on the wrong side.In today’s Jaipur nobody needs it.

From this month, Jaipur is going to celebrate a no honking day on one Sunday every month.There is a big need too because the noise pollution levels in the busiest areas are much higher than 50 decibels assumed for a pollution free environment.New Delhi and Kolkatta are already trying out this one day a month of silence to educate the populace in that unending stream of traffic.

There was also talk of banning music in the vehicles.Ban loud music from a deck or CD/DVD player but in my opinion the vehicle driver needs the FM radio when he is stuck in an unending traffic jam/commute.

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