Laal Maans-Prepared My Way

Serves Four

Time Taken to Prepare – about 3 hours


Onions  4 large minced

Oil 1 cup

Red chilli powder 4 tea spoons heaping ( or to taste)

Coriander Powder 4 tea spoons heaping( or same proportion as the red chillies)

Turmeric Powder 1/2 tea Spoon

Salt -One and a half  Tea Spoon (Not heaping) or to taste.

Sour Curd 400 gms ( or lesser in proportion to the red chillies as this much curd is needed to take the bite out of the red chillies)

Garlic Paste  2 Table Spoons

Ginger Paste 1 Table Spoons

Green Chillies 2 Minced ( optional as per taste)

Red Meat 800 gms ( Lamb or Goat)


Heat the oil in a pressure cooker( thick bottom of the cooker prevents the masala from burning  easily) and add the minced onions to the oil when the oil starts to smoke and fry the onions on low heat till brown.

Add the red chilli powder, salt, coriander powder & turmeric powder to the oil and the fried onions and add a little water so that the mixture does not burn.

Cook the mixture on low heat till the oil starts bubbling and the masala is cooked.Add some more water and cook some more till the oil starts bubbling again.

While adding the curd ensure to stir the mixture on high flame till the masala comes to a boil.Keep the flame on low heat  and keep frying the curry till it takes the color of deep oily red chillies.

Add the Garlic paste and the ginger paste to the curry and cook some more.

Wash the red meat and add to the curry and  add enough  water  to cover the  meat  and cook on low heat till the meat turn tender.

Add the green chillies to the prepared Laal Maans and serve with chapaties or tandoorie rotis.

Note:-You have to keep stirring the mixture all along otherwise the mixture will burn.

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