The Rake

This was one of my attempts at Short Fiction, something called Quick Tales Contest by Caferati, in 2008. What do you think?

Raashi felt the pen slipping out of her limp fingers. She could not finish writing her last thought on to the yellow page of her thick leather bound journal. As a literary exercise she was describing in minute detail the coupe and her fellow passengers on her official trip to Jaipur from New Delhi. Because of the holiday rush this late night sleeper was all she could get a ticket on. She had described them all. The Rake traveling alone, the elderly couple with their grand daughter, the young couple on their honeymoon, a family of eight on their week-end holiday to Jaipur… She never knew when the lights in the coupe were doused and when she accepted   a   friendship offering of a chocolate cookie from the Rake.

She woke up thirty-six hours later in the Sawai Man Singh Hospital, Jaipur looking up into the stern face of a police inspector who  was pointing to the Rake and asking her if he had given her any thing to eat. When she said yes the other policeman took away the Rake she knew not where.

And then the inspector told her about how no body could wake her up when the train reached Jaipur .The Railway police were called in who could not find her luggage or her money belt or any identification papers on her. Some one did pick up her Journal and handed it over to the police when they took her to the hospital.

They picked up the rake on the basis of her description in her journal and the fact that she had mentioned in her journal that the cookie was stale. It helped that the rake considered the railway stations as his playground.

What do you know she thought the pen proved it self to be mightier once again. And then she dozed off into a light sleep.

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