Ground Water Level in Jaipur

Monsoon has finally arrived in Jaipur and concerned citizens and concerned Rajasthan Government are pursuing the Green Rajasthan Project of planting saplings in all major cities of Rajasthan on war footing to ensure that there is a cover of green to invite the rains and to give shade in the scorching months of Rajasthani summers.

One problem comes to mind though, falling water table.You have to drill 250 feet to get water in some area of Jaipur.One wonders when the trees will start dying because  the water table has fallen out of reach of the roots of trees.It is not an idle or irresponsible thought.In some areas of surrounding Jaipur thriving Mango Orchards have died because the water fell below reach of the root systems of the mango trees.

It is time to make a hard decision trees or grass & plants.Orchards or gardens.How long can you go on wasting good potable water on gardens. There are some 670 parks in Jaipur. Imagine the consumption of fresh water.

Besides saving the ground water by limiting its use it  will also have to be recharged with the rain water by harvesting the same. JNU in Delhi has solved its water problems successfully by rain water harvesting and other initiatives.

It is a given, that in India nothing goes to waste.Even the rain water which flows away.But it is needed more in the ground so that the trees can live.

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