Mehndipur Balaji

The Balaji Temple

103 Kms. from Jaipur near  Bandikuin (the nearest train station 27 kms-1 hrs by bus ) is Mendipur Balaji.Situated in a valley it is said to be 1000 yrs old-though the temple it self is only about 100 yrs old. Hanuman ji, in   his child image,with Pretraj and Bhairavnath  are worshiped.The idols are part of the mountain. Every tuesdays & saturdays devotees gather in great numbers to worship the deities so that by Balaji’s blessings mentally ill can regain their sanity and the possessed are free again .Three other main days are at Holi,Dushera & Hanuman Jayanti.

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6 responses to “Mehndipur Balaji

  1. It is a really good blog site.


  2. Rohit sharma

    Muche bala ji jate huye 5 saal ho gaye hai.
    Kalyug ke pradhan dev bala ji maharaj ki jay. { JAY BABA ki}


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  4. !! बोलो सच्चे दरबार की जय !!
    !! बोलो सीताराम जी भगवान् की जय !!
    !! बोलो बालाजी महराज की जय !!
    !! बोलो भैरव बाबा की जय !!
    !! बोलो कोतवाल कप्तान की जय !!
    !! बोलो प्रेतराज सरकार की जय !!
    !! बोलो महंत जी महराज की जय !!
    !! बोलो सच्चे दरबार की जय !!





  6. ankita singh rajpoot

    this place is very special for me. jai balaji maharaj ki…..


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