Radio, TV & FM In Jaipur

The  Indian Broadcasting Co., a private company, made the first sound broadcast on 23rd July 1927 in Bombay. Before this private radio clubs in Bombay, Madras & Calcutta  were broadcasting sound in India. However  the company failed within three years and was later absorbed in AIR. All India Radio, ‘Akashvani’, was established on 8th June 1936. But the first sound was broadcast in Rajasthan in the Jodhpur state only  in 1940.

AIR AIR Jaipur



Doordarshan started work on 1st March 1977 in Jaipur in Rajasthan. However 1st TV station under AIR became operational in 1st November 1959 in Delhi.


Car FM Radio Receiver

Car FM Radio Receiver

There are numerous FM stations vying for Jaipur listeners’ ears day & night nowadays. Some of the popular ones are mentioned here below.

FM Radio Pink City 100.3 FM (AIR)

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi Jaipur

95 FM Tadka

93.5 FM SFM

Radio City 91.1 FM

94.3  My FM

105.6 FM Gyanvani Educational FM radio of India.

The fans can network with their  RJs on the Net as  some Rjs maintain Facebook profiles also. All the above services are getting stiff competition from various cable TV content providers.

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