What Noise?

We have become so used to our noisy surroundings that we do not notice the noise any more. But how much is too much? Recently the State Government has outlawed the use of loud speakers after 10 pm. If  anybody is found using sound magnification equipment after 10 o’clock the equipment will be confiscated. This is a step in the right direction. They should go a step further and ban the use of sound equipment by the general public  all together. Presently any body can hook up a speaker to a mic  and blast away.
Legally you can use loudspeakers softly from 6 am to 10 pm, only after taking permission from the Jaipur administration. But how do you define softly. I think if you can hear the loudspeaker outside the venue where the function is taking place then it is too loud. The law is on the books but it is not enforced very strictly. The Police have other serious matters to attend to.May be they think, unlike others, these people are just having harmless fun, they will switch off the noise when they get tired.
Usually people try to keep up with their friends, family and the neighbors and try to better them. If the society were to frown upon the idea of loud noise as entertainment in any family or religious function, then nobody would do it. One other step that could be taken is to hold the owner of the equipment or venue responsible for judicious and responsible use of the sound system.
Next they should restrict using horns in the city. Have you noticed the traffic mostly just crawls on the  city roads. Why do we need the horns if that is the case.

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