Jaipur Blue

Sawai Jai Singh Ji I brought the art of Blue Pottery to Jaipur in 1727 and Sawai Ram Singh ji II patronized the art  and Rajmata Gayatri Devi revived the art in 1960s before it could fade away. Today Blue Pottery of Jaipur has come a long way with the help of government organizations like RUDA (Rural Non Farm Agency),Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI),  non government agencies,artists,artisans,and businesses like Neerja International and the ordinary people for whom the charm of Jaipur Blue has endured over the years.Due to the efforts of all these people Blue pottery of Jaipur  has been granted Geographical Indication (GI) status under the GI Act by the GI Registry in Chennai. This status comes with a unique Registered  Logo with which all blue pottery produced in the Jaipur District will be branded.

Some 400 families in Jaipur and nearby villages like Sanganer, nevta, Muhana, Mahalan and Kotjewar  are actively involved in producing these art works. The body is completely hand made by Quartz and normal glass and the designs are sketched by hand before being colored in by specially developed colors which do not fade with use. Cobalt oxide produces the blue color. Jaipur climate is uniquely suited for producing this variety of pottery.Now a days according to WTO guidelines  100% lead free pottery is being produced. So the Jaipur Blue item can be put to day to day use.

There is no doubt that Jaipur Blue pottery items are works of art because artists like Ms.Meenakshi Rathore and Mr.Prabhu Dayal Yadav are depicting scenes from the lives of  Lord Budha and Mahaveer Swami and the local folk stories.

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