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Jaipur Book Lovers

There is a group of bibliophiles in Jaipur who calls themselves Jaipur Book Lovers. Do you know about them? They have been around for more than three years! They have held 99 meetups till date and plan to celebrate their 100th meetup next month with great fanfare. More about that in the next Blog post!

A bibliophile, according to Google, ‘is a person who collects or has great love of books’.

A JBL member not only collects books & loves books but he also likes to talk about the books he is reading. He will not only recommend books but also talk at great length about what he thinks about what he is reading.

Do you want to know about what they read? Here is a sampling of their topics for their fortnightly meetings.

Ms.Vandana Varma a JBL member calls these meetups “a retreat into an oasis of knowledge and good advice.”

Besides reading books and talking about them they participate in competitions and celebratory meetups too!

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