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Times Food Guide-First Jaipur Edition-2012

Times Food Guide-First Jaipur Edition

Times Food Guide-First Jaipur Edition

As you can see by the scan of the cover of the book it  is the Times Of India’s, Times Food Guide-First Jaipur Edition-2012 by Ms. Dharmendra Kanwar. The secret is out Jaipur is a Foodie heaven. It took the TOI to let the world know. There is no dearth of options for the food lover in Jaipur. There are bars, resto bars,lounge bars,alfresco bars & joints offering North Indian & South Indian food. And places specializing in Chinese, Italian & Mexican & Continental cuisine. There are mithai shops, Bakery shops & Coffee Shops galore.

The book not only covers the Best Food joints of Jaipur but also offers  a judicious selection from the cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai,Hyderabad, Ahemedabad & Kolkata.

The book will be launched on the 10th December 2011 at the Le Méridien, Kukas,  Jaipur, in a Gala ceremony attended by glitterati of Jaipur.

The Times Food Guide-First Jaipur Edition-2012  is priced at Rs.199/- only.

A Big Thank you to the JAIPUR FOOD GUIDE group members & congratulations to Ms. Dharmendar Kanwar.


Whats Free In Jaipur?


My father used to remind us time and again that nothing in life was for free but he also said that the streets were paved with money and one only had to pick it up.   His implication was that a little work would see to it that our pocket were full of money. He was right naturally but don’t  we move mountains to get some thing for free or relatively for free.

This is such a list!

A list of  things one can enjoy for free or relatively for free in Jaipur.

This list assumes that you have your own transport to get around the city and a little money.

If you can wake up before day break get your digital camera out and go for a walk. You can photograph Jaipur in all its moods. You can make a photo feature on a day well spent. Some examples of where to go for a walk would be, the Central Park of Jaipur or  lake shore of  the Man Sagar Lake or the quite streets of the city.

If you are into Yoga & laughter therapy there is a session in the Central Park you can join.

Read the local newspaper. Around 5.30 am to 6.30 am you will see the newspaper boys on their way to delivering the morning papers to different houses of Jaipur. You should get one and find a quite place to read it.

Drink a cup of tea at the Sahu tea stall in walled city.

If you do not mind a snack early in the morning you can get a Kachori  near the panch batti circle or at the Rawat Misthan Bhandar.

Or in summers you can have a lassi at the Lassiwala on the M.I.Road.

Time to head home for a shower a change of clothes  and some breakfast.

At 10 a.m you can go for birding & a nature walk in the Simriti Ban on J.L.N.Marg. They also have a museum here where they have displayed the photos of the birds and plants and flowers found in the  area.

If the local handicrafts are your thing, you can head for the Jawahar Kala Kendra for a look. There might be a mela on .While there you can visit the museums and the art galleries  too. More often than not there are painting exhibitions and plays being put up  during the course of the day. These fixtures are not to be missed. Another such venue is the Ravindra Manch and the open air theater there.These two places are the hot bed of cultural activity in Jaipur.

Time for lunch. You can have Dosa & Coffee in the canteen of JKK  managed by the India Coffee House & head home for a  siesta.

At 4.30 pm you can go for birding in the central park.

Once a month weather permitting there is a classical recital in the Central Park by a famous artist.

Every year from 21 to 25 January a literature featival is held where you can hear  the writers talk about their books and even get their autographs.

Two book fairs are held in the second half of the year for the book lovers of Jaipur by the two local papers.

Jaipur was also known as Choti Kashi in the days of lore because of the huge number of temples here.You can visit Galtaji or Birla Mandir or Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri or the Kala Hanuman Mandir for divine blessings.

On Diwali you can go around the walled city markets to see the hustle and the bustle and the city dolled up  with colorful lights and ‘jhankis’ and decorative gates.

On Holi Chaugan stadium is the place to be where, every year, an Elephant festival is held by RTDC.

On 14th January, Sankrat, watch the city go crazy over some kites and string.

Watch Teej maata’s Savari on Teej Festival.

Get photographed in front of the magnificent Hawamahal or the Sculptures in The Central Park or The Amber Fort.

You can climb to the top of  the Isar Lat for the view.

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This Jaipur-At A Glance

Listed here below are some of the important posts about the city of Jaipur on this Blog for your ready reference.


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An old man in the Central Park of Jaipur

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Some Important Libraries Of Jaipur

In this day and age of  Internet and Google’s program of scaning each and every book ever written,  to make a list of Libraries would sound archaic but everything has its use and its day. It is not possible for a man to know every single bit of information but he should know , when the need arises ,where to find the information or the book.So here goes.These are some of the important libraries of Jaipur.

Note:-These libraries lend books subject to their Rules & Regulations only.

Rajasthan University’s Central Library

Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg,

This library is housed in its own building and has a huge collection of reference material.Largely used by the University students and the college going students of University colleges.

Law College Library

Law College

Government Maharaja Public Library

Chura Rasta,Jaipur Phone. 0141-2575155

e.mail . directorlibraries @                                            

As the name suggests this library is open to the general public.They have a treasure trove of rare books which they are in the process of digitizing to be put up on the net.

St.Xavier School’s  Library

Bhagwan Das Road

This library is open to the past and present students of the School.

Osho Library,

H-1,Vinay Path,Kanti Nagar .  phone 0141 2207951

For all literature, tapes,CDs of Osho’s teachings,This is the place.

Shubham Reader’s Paradise,

Very Near The Shiv Mandir,In Dhuleswar Garden,C-Scheme

Run by the Ladies Club this library is open to the general public.Their forte is novels and books for children.

Radha Krishna Central Library

Ghandhi Nagar

This library is also open to the public but a lot of students throng the reading rooms.

Braille Library,

Gangori Bazar,

Gita  Press,

Bullion Building,Johri Bazar

They deal in new books on Hindu religion.

Global Cook Book-1

Anybody who writes any thing has dreams of being published.So when I got a mailer from Fuel My Blog about their Christmas project of publishing a cook book  representing recipes from around the world of local delicacies Fuel My Blog Community members eat at their homes in their daily lives I started plotting about submitting my fish curry recipe. It was already posted on my Blog.What I needed was a good photograph of the prepared curry.So I prepared the dish just as stated in the Post and requested my brother ,Tajendra, to take a picture of the prepared Curry. And mailed it to the Fuel My Blog.And to my surprise they included it in the recipe book.This is where I thank them wholeheartedly.The reason for the numeral ‘one’ in the  title of this post is that I wish them all success in publishing other Global Cook Books with numerals ending at 101 if at all.
A Fish Curry Recipe From Jaipur,India

They have self published the book using cutting edge technology provided by the website Blurb and possible because of the Internet & Computers.

Take a look.Tell the world  how they have done in your opinion. If you decide to buy remember they are supporting Stop Hunger, a  charity .And if you would like to  publish some material in whatever numbers then consider Blurb.
Blog Post About the Global Cook Book on Fuel My Blog
Blurb Home Page

Ravindra Manch And Jawahar Kala Kendra

Ravindra Manch, Jaipur located in the Ram Niwas Garden was one of the 17 cultural centers envisaged by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1961.It was opened to public on 15th August 1963 by the then cultural minister Mr.H.Kabir. It has been newly refurbished by an expenditure of 90 lac rupees.It has all the facilities needed in a theater including an open air theater and ample parking and an art gallery.

On  8th November 2008 a three day cultural  festival was organized honoring the Nobel lauret Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore.It is proposed to hold this festival every year.

Jawahar Kala Kendra on JLN marg, designed by Charles Correa, was opened for public by the then President of India, Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma, on 8th April 1993.It is located on a  parcel of land having an area of 9.5 acers and the building is surrounded by  lush green landscaped garden.On one side it has a Shilp Gram made in a replica of a cluster of village huts.When you look at the number of facilities it provides to the aspiring artists, artists and local residents alike it is not hard to understand why it is thronged by them everyday.It has an open air theater, art galleries, library,print making shop,audio visual department and an outlet of India Coffee House.Besides this there are cultural programs, exhibitions,plays etc held all the year round.

Air Planes For All ?

In a guest post The Microlight Flyer informs us about the very bright prospects of the Jaipur public being able to own and fly their own ultralight crafts for recreation or use in their business in the very near future .

Autogyro, a 2 seat, rotary wing, multi-utility, light sport aircraft, popular in the U. S., Europe, South Africa and Australia is now all set to be introduced in Indian aircraft market also. Though it resembles a helicopter in having a rotor at the top but in fact it is an aircraft in which the fixed wing is repalced by a rotating wing. Historically speaking, Autogyro even predates the helicopter, as it was invented by Juan de Cierva, a spanish civil engineer in the year 1920.

The Autogyro and the Microlights shall be priced in the range of 35 to 45 lacs depending upon the price and performance of the aircraft.

The company also plans to open up a flying school on the Microlight Airfield so that training for Pilot License (Microlight) can be imparted to the would be purchasers of the microlights. This training school shall be the first of its kind in Asia for imparting training on Autogyros.

The Company plans to display the Super Genie Autogyro and Phantom-MKI, a high performance Microlight at the Hyderabad Air show to be held in October 2008 where demonstration flights would be undertaken in full view of the public.

Vibhooti Singh Deora, CEO of the Company says that their first microlight should roll out within three months of the completion of certification process by the DGCA, and probably that shall happen by the beginning of May 2009. According to the Company, marketing for these aircrafts shall not be problem because the prices are almost equivalent to most of the luxury sedans available in India with fuel average even better than those. Therefore looking at the economics of the aircrafts the Indian market is all set to accept them. More than 100 registrations for these microlights have already been done most of which are from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Lucknow, Nagpur, Chennai, Shirdi and Rajasthan. According to Deora, many people have approached them and inquiries have been pouring in, the response is positive not only due to the low price of aircraft but also because in this way luxury car owners would now be able to fulfill their dream of becoming aircraft owners.

Though the concept is quite new to India but there is a possibility that Autogyros could get a better response in comparison to the microlights. One of the most distinguishing feature of the Super Genie Autogyro is that it is an inherently stable, safe and crash-less aircraft, i.e. even in case of a mid-air engine failure, it would land easily and safely with the help of its auto-rotating main rotor.

The other feature which distinguishes Super Genie from other aircraft is that it can fly as slow as 30 kilometers per hour, a speed at which other aircraft would lose lift, stall and fall to the ground like stones. Though the Super Genie can fly stably and continuously even at a height of just 6 inches above the ground, it can even go upto the height of 10,000 feet.

The Super Genie is 4 meters long, weighs 248 Kg., has a single 100 hp 4-stroke engine in pusher propeller configuration at the back, providing it the thrust required to move in the forward direction. The single non-powered free rotating rotor on the top acts like a rotating wing and provides continuous lift to the Autogyro. Super Genie does not need a runway but just 5 to 10 meters of hard surface or grass for take-off. According to the Company, their Autogyro consumes approximately 13 to 16 liters of MOGAS per hour (not 100LL AVGAS) and with just 60 liters, it can fly 600 kilometers non-stop at a cruising speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

Presently Autogyros are being used in Europe, the U. S., South Africa and Australia for pipeline and canal inspections, forest and highway patrolling, border surveillance, agriculture crop spraying, aerial survey and photography, sports and recreation.


Braille Library Of Jaipur

This is the only library of its kind in gangori bazaar,in the walled city of Jaipur .It has about 3000 books and 1500 cassettes.Some of the titles are Harry Potter, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Prem Chand, Chandrakanta and text books for classes Ist to VIII th. But the books are all in braille so that a visually challenged person can read by touch.

The library was founded in 1998 by Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh .It was developed in association with Group Against Blindness,the Netherlands and the Lions Club, Jaipur.They also publish the only braille news paper of the state. The Sangh also publishes text books for blind schools of Rajasthan – for classes Ist to XII th- in braille. Magazines and novels for the library are procured from All India Confederation for the Blinds.

The Braille system was devised by Louis Braille in 1821 by simplifying Charles Barbier night writing.( A code developed on Napoleons orders to enable soldiers to communicate silently in dark )

Wiki on Braille

It Is A Dog’s Holiday

In theses days of nuclear families and rushed life of metros and jobs which will take you any where in India you do not have the extended family to support each other in an emergency or when you want to go on holidays.So you have to take your pet with you on a holiday too.But if you can manage it leave your pet with friends or family or a pet sitting agency.It is a good idea.Just imagine the pleasure both of you will get when you go to pick up the pet after the holiday.

Dogs come in all sizes.The bigger they are the more difficult they will be to manage in strange places and among strangers.They are just one more child of whom you have to be doubly careful.Given it is not a chore it is a pleasure to look after the gentleman who just happens to be a dog.You will never even realize when your holiday will be hijacked by your pet.All decisions will revolve around the fact whether the establishment is dog friendly or not.One disgruntled owners refusal to entertain your pet can put a cloud over the whole holiday.

Dogs do get injured on holidays.You will always have to have him on a leash.When you take him to the hotel-you will definitely want him in your room-you will have to ensure that his paws and mouth are clean,you will have to take him out twice a day, maybe even clean up after him.What if he takes a dislike to a guest or one of the staff.He can be vociferously loud in showing his displeasure.

Bring your friend on a holiday with you only as a last resort.Ensure that he has had all his shots at the Vet’s. If you have a car and a driver-it will make your life simpler on the holiday with a pet.

Morning Walk

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair begins every year in the month of Kartika ( Oct-Nov) on ‘asthmi’ and continues till karthik poornima( full moon).During the fair about 2 lac people visit Pushkar from all over the world and India to buy and sell cattle & camels,have a holy dip in the pushkar Sarovar or to sight see.

Pushkarraj Maharaj is one of the most sacred and revered religious sites of India. According to Padam Puran the Sarovar was created by Brahma by combining the holy waters from badrinath,rameshwaram,jagannath and dwarka.Pushkar is the site where Brahma dropped the lotus he held in his hand when he was looking for a site to perform a yagna.He married a local-Gayatri-to start the yagna at the auspicious moment.When his wife -savitri-found out what had happened she cursed Brahma that henceforth he would be worshiped in Pushkar only.And her words came true.In 1791 thakur of Khimsar built a chatri in the center of the lake to mark the spot of the yagna.There are 52 ghats around the sarovar-all built about 300 years ago-with lot of small temples and surrounded by lot of white lime washed buildings.Gau ghat,Brahma ghat and Varaha Ghat are some of the main ones.Next to the ghats is the sadar bazaar extending till the brahma temple.Other temples of interest are Varaha Temple,Apteshwar Temple,Savitri Temple,Mahadev Temple and Rangi Temple.

Roses are cultivated here so look to buy gulkand(made from rose petals and sugar-used in sweet Paans),rose water,rose sherbet and gulkand thandai.

Pushkar is at the foot of the Nag Pahar or snake mountain and surrounded on three sides by Aravali Hills towards north side are some sand dunes.11 kms away Ajmer is the nearest railway station(about 15 min drive away). 154km away Jaipur is the nearest Airport(a little more than 2 hrs away by car) on N.H. 8.